Indirect Tax Services

The Ministry of Finance through the National Board of Revenue (NBR), an apex indirect tax authority, implements and administers Value Added Tax, Turnover Tax, Customs Duty, Excise, Supplementary duty, and Sur Charge. Circulars, notifications, and clarifications issued by the NBR supplement these indirect tax laws. Issues involving interpretation of tax laws are decided by the judiciary, which is independent of the legislature.

Value Added Tax Services

We have with us extensive experience in successfully handling the service requirements of handling consultancy services for Value Added Tax. It is a form of indirect Tax and is in nature of multipoint tax that needs to be paid to Treasury in the form of VAT. It is levied under VAT Act 1991 and depends on the movement of goods in pursuance of the sale transaction.

Here, our expertise lies in offering VAT services and consultancy support that involves areas like:

• Registration under VAT Act for Local & Central
• Preparing and filing of monthly VAT return
• Preparing and filing of price declaration
• Assessment & Appeal
• Refund application for exporters
• VAT compliance audit

HBD has a panel fiscal lawyers who process the VAT litigation cases to the High Court under its supervision.

Customs Consultancy

Customs Consultancy Services offered by us involves handling the requirements of all duty and taxes that are levied on import of goods into Bangladesh India at rates specified in Customs Act, 1969. It comprises Customs Duty, Supplementary Duty, and Excise. Here, our team of experts makes us well qualified to handle the consultancy demands.

We offer the following Customs related services: –

• PSI rate related services such as application to review committee
• Bond License and its renewal
• Bond Audit
• Customs Litigation
• Bond litigation
• Duty drawback